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Sonya + Steve, a Pier 5 Baltimore Wedding

Two weeks ago I photographed Sonya and Steve’s beautiful Pier 5 wedding in downtown Baltimore, and it was such a fun day.  Sonya and Steve met in undergrad at a party – right on the dance floor!  They have been together ever since, through college, graduate school, and as they began their careers.  And now these two are married – and they highlighted their love of dance with an incredible first dance (you have to see the photos!  It was so fun!).  These two also share a love of cats, and especially of their adorable cat, Mo (he is the cutest!).  In addition to that, they are also both passionate about the sciences; Sonya is a pharmacist while Steve is a physical therapist.

Last spring, I photographed their stunning azalea garden and holi powder engagement session, and now these two tied the knot is a gorgeous white and gold wedding celebration over Memorial Day weekend.  The weekend started with their Sangeet at The Villas on Friday, and then on Sunday, these two celebrated their beautiful wedding day at Pier 5 in Baltimore.

Sunday’s weather forecast showed blue skies and sun, but about midday, the sky started to darken, and as I was shooting details in Sonya’s hotel room, my husband was texting me weather updates – and they weren’t looking too good.  Steve and Sonya finally made the call to move their ceremony indoors – and not a second too late because the skies opened up and it poured!  But what was so incredible about it was that these two were completely and totally calm about the sudden change and unexpected weather!  They remained happy, positive, and completely went with the flow – which says so much about them.  They are such kind, upbeat people, and I have LOVED getting to know Sonya and Steve over this past year!  These two are so near and dear to my heart :) I met Sonya through my sister, Kelsey; these two went to pharmacy school together at the University of Maryland (just like Nicole and Joe!  I am so lucky to photograph so many gorgeous pharmacists!!).  I met Sonya and Steve at their engagement session, and then got to see Sonya graduate, celebrated my sister’s graduation with her and Steve, and have had fun happy hours with Sonya and Kelsey.  It has been so fun hearing about the wedding planning process and seeing  photos of everything come together – and it was incredible to see it all on Sonya and Steve’s wedding day!  There were so many unique touches, like the song Sonya’s dad composed for the father daughter dance and the sweet vows these two shared with one another.  It was such a beautiful and joyful celebration, with guests literally traveling from across the world to be there for them, and I don’t think these two could have been any happier! :)  Kelsey and I just LOVED being part of your celebration, Sonya and Steve, and we are so happy for you both!

Congratulations, Sonya and Steve!  It was so much fun celebrating with you on your big day!
Stomped!-0025.jpgStomped!-0029.jpgWOW!  Sonya, you are so gorgeous!!
Stomped!-0059.jpgStomped!-0022.jpgI love this one of Sonya’s maid of honor, Shibani, helping Sonya into her beautiful custom-made wedding dress!

Stomped!-0009.jpgSuch a sweet wedding party!!  These girls are made up of Sonya’s family and her friends since elementary school!
Stomped!-0088.jpgSonya!!  You’re stunning!

Stomped!-0019.jpgLooking good, Steve!

Stomped!-0017.jpgI love this shot Kelsey got of Steve and his best man!Stomped!-0013.jpg
Stomped!-0004.jpgIt may have already been drizzling (which we were all totally in denial about!), but these girls made this portrait time so fun!
Stomped!-0058.jpgSteve and his older brother :)
The guys wanted a “The Godfather” shot! Love it!
Ceremony time!  It started raining about thirty minutes before the ceremony, so everything was moved indoors, but Sonya and Steve were totally calm about the change of plans!

Stomped!-0050.jpgThese two have such a good sense of humor; there were lots of laughs during their ceremony!
SonyaSteve-145.jpgYay! Married!!

Stomped!-0045.jpgI was definitely getting drenched by the rain and holding up traffic, but this shot of the wedding party outdoors was totally worth it! :)

The groomsmen and Kelsey helped rearrange the lobby of the Pier 5 in seconds – and the awesome staff helped my sister put it back together after.  So awesome!

Stomped!-0034.jpgSuch a great wedding party! :)
Stomped!-0028.jpgIt’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day, so we had to get a few rainy day shots!
Stomped!-0023.jpgCeremony time! And look at that gorgeous cake!
Stomped!-0065.jpgSonya and Steve’s first dance was INCREDIBLE!! For a couple that met dancing, this was the perfect way to highlight their love of dance.  These two choreographed a variety of different dance styles to a huge mix of different songs and it represented this fun-loving couple so well!

Sonya’s dad composed the song these two danced their father daughter dance to :)
Such a special mother son dance :)
Stomped!-0078.jpgIt stopped raining, so we snuck outside for a few fun night portraits :)

Stomped!-0080.jpgStomped!-0079.jpgAs you saw in their first dance, these two are great at dipping!

Sonya Steve-5e.jpgStomped!-0026.jpgIt was a FUN party!!
Congratulations, Sonya and Steve!!

June 14, 2016 - 1:29 pm

Brea - You did a beautiful job capturing their wedding, Brooke! Those indoor portraits are perfect! The night shots are especially awesome. Beautiful work!

June 15, 2016 - 1:25 am

Emily - So great! I love the bridal party posing in the hotel and the really fun reception party shots.

June 15, 2016 - 2:23 pm

Emely Taveras - I love rainy day weddings, especially with awesome clear umbrellas. Such a beautiful couple :)

June 15, 2016 - 2:38 pm

Melanie Grady - Such a stunning couple! I love their colors and her dress is amazing!! great work!

June 15, 2016 - 2:39 pm

Christine - What a beautiful couple! I love how you shot the details. Very cohesive. Have a great week!

Kimmye + Matt, a ThorpeWood Mountain Engagement

Kimmye and Matt met back in high school, and now this sweet couple is planning their July 2017 wedding!  I’ve known Kimmye since middle school, so it was SO wonderful to get to know her family at her engagement session – and I am so excited to celebrate Kimmye and Matt’s wedding! Kimmye and I rode the same bus to Lime Kiln Middle – and we had science together (Kimmye was so much better at science than I was!). I’m pretty sure Kimmye introduced the hoodie trend to Lime Kiln, and I desperately wanted one too! Of course, all of my sweatshirts were these awful navy Hanes things with elastic around the bottom and the sleeves! haha. Kimmye and I went to separate high schools, but we have stayed in touch over Facebook, and I was so happy for these two when they announced that they were having a baby – Gavin! Now Gavin is two years old and he is such a SWEET little boy. He was so happy and excited to explore Thorpewood, and he had such a blast hanging out with his Uncle Bobby and Aunt Jess who came along to keep Gavin company (and so much more – hold rings, fetch blankets, manage the stash of fruit snacks, jangle keys to get Gavin’s attention, and more! haha). I was also so surprised by how bright Gavin was; Gavin was so aware of what everything was, asking questions, pick various flowers and commenting on the colors, and worrying about his parents were they went too far away! He didn’t even have a single meltdown either during the entire session – which is pretty incredible! He is such a sweet boy, and it is clear he is so, so loved by Kimmye and Matt. And these two are so exited for this next step in their life – marriage! After so many years together and so many experiences, Kimmye and Matt can’t wait for their July wedding at ThorpeWood next year. And I can’t wait to celebrate with these two!

For their engagement session, Kimmye and Matt chose to use their beautiful wedding venue, ThorpeWood, as the backdrop because it is huge and they knew we wouldn’t be able to explore everything on the wedding day (and there are SO many beautiful spaces we didn’t even photograph for their session because we are saving those for their wedding day! I can’t wait!). ThorpeWood is absolutely stunning; set in Thurmont, Maryland and up a long, winding road, ThorpeWood is a 155 acre paradise with streams, a historic stone bridge, an arboretum, a horse stable, a gorgeous lodge, a stunning pond, beautiful stone walls, and more. We could have photographed here all evening!  Enjoy some of my favorites from Kimmye and Matt’s engagement session.  I can’t wait for your big day, Kimmye and Matt!!

Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-174.jpgThorpewood Wedding Engagement-11.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-158.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-159.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-14.jpg
I love this one!  How cute is this little cabin too?
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-108.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-143.jpgThorpewood Wedding Engagement-140.jpgOh, Gavin! He was watching flowers fall from the Dogwood tree :)
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-125.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-47.jpg
Gavin and his uncle Bobby :)
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-49.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-9.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-80.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-87.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-58.jpg
Love these!
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-112.jpgThorpewood Wedding Engagement-17.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-195.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-26.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-118.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-128.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-152.jpgKimmye’s ring is INCREDIBLE!  Gavin had this custom made at Royale Jewelers in Hanover.  It is just beautiful!
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-135.jpg
They are so sweet!!
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-163.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-192.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-190.jpgI love this one of this sweet family!

Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-189.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-129.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-200.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-214.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-219.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-222.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-224.jpg
I love these!!
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-230.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-18.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-179.jpgSo gorgeous, Kimmye!!
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-232.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-235.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-239.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-255.jpgThis is definitely a favorite!!  LOVE this!
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-253.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-238.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-261.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-280.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-278.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-28.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-273.jpg

Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-268.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-282.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-68.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-286.jpg
Thorpewood Wedding Engagement-263.jpgThorpewood Wedding Engagement-289.jpgCongratulations, Kimmye and Matt!

June 14, 2016 - 7:14 pm

Sue Butler - Great Pictures of Everyone!!!!

June 16, 2016 - 12:07 pm

Natalie Franke - The light, the trees, the moments captured… this is fantastic!

June 17, 2016 - 4:33 pm

Sarah Wockenfuss - This engagement is so sweet! Her ring is beyond gorgeous! Great job Brooke!

Chris + Jenn, a Circle D Farm Wedding

Chris and Jenn’s Circle D Farm wedding was such a special day for so many reasons. Chris and Jenn have been together for nine years, and they were so thrilled to celebrate their best day ever with family and friends last October.

I met Chris in 9th grade (which, admittedly, was a long time ago!) at River Hill High School, and then we both ended up going to the same community college – Howard Community College! It was there at Howard Community College that Chris met Jenn when they took the same public speaking class one semester in 2007 :) These two have been together since, and they were SO excited to celebrate their wedding at a venue that was so special to them for so many ways.

Chris and Jenn’s wedding was a Circle D Farm, which, coincidently, was where Chris’s parents used to live! How unique is that? Chris’s parents even ran a tennis club at Circle D Farm when they lived there. In fact, Chris’s family’s farm – where Chris and his groomsmen got ready – is just a few miles down the road from Circle D Farm. Chris had another connection to Circle D Farm; the fire station that he volunteers at also regularly holds events at Circle D Farm, so in many ways, Circle D Farm felt like home for Chris. Ironically, Jenn had her own connections with Circle D Farm as well. Growing up, Jenn attended summer camp at Circle D Farm. This was the perfect venue for their wedding, and Circle D Farm truly was like home for these two.

Chris and Jenn’s gorgeous wedding was featured in the Baltimore Sun in an article titled “Locally ever after: Howard County venues add meaning to these couples’ weddings;” check it out to read even more of their awesome story!

I loved getting to know Jenn during the wedding planning process and on her wedding day, and it was so fun celebrating with these two. They both have such positive, beautiful personalities, and they are such a joy to be around. It was clear they are very loved; their wedding was filled with friends and family that were so thrilled to celebrate with them. (I even reconnected with some old high school friends and family members of past brides and grooms! It was such a great surprise!). It was also so wonderful shooting this wedding alongside my husband; Justin owns Last Avalon Films and he filmed Chris and Jenn’s wedding (you can see their beautiful wedding video here!) and my sweet friend and fellow photographer, Valerie! The day started off very chilly, a little rainy, and cloudy, but literally just as the ceremony began, the sun came out from behind the clouds and it was just beautiful! We got the most gorgeous light for Chris and Jenn’s portraits too, and the rain held off for the rest of the day, which was so wonderful!

I have so many favorites from Chris and Jenn’s hometown wedding; enjoy reliving their celebration!!

beChris Jenn-5.jpg
CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-24.jpgChris bought these beautiful boots for Jenn as a wedding gift.  I am just in love with this picture!!
eChris Jenn-15.jpgThis is Jenn’s grandmother’s ring, plus beautiful bracelets that three generations of women wore – Jenn had one, her mom had one, and her grandmother wore one :)

CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-5.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-16.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-73.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-61.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-102.jpgJenn and her mom :)
CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-104.jpgSo pretty, Jenn!!
CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-98.jpgValerie captured these of the guys getting ready!
CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-2000.jpgLove this one of Chris and his brothers at Circle D Farm – where their parents used to live!

This is so cool; the photo on the right is of Chris’s dad on his wedding day.  Chris wanted to recreate the same shot – which led to a really fun game of soccer between Chris, his dad, and his brothers!


Looking good, guys!
CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-128.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-130.jpgI love these!
CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-153.jpgThese two gave each other such sweet gifts and notes before the ceremony
CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-157.jpgCeremony time!!
CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-165.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-193-1.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-201.jpgYay!! Married!

eChris Jenn-3.jpg

Such a fun wedding party!
CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-236.jpgechris jenn-223.jpgechris jenn-250.jpgechris jenn-556.jpgIt may have been fall, but the leaves changed late this year; luckily, Circle D Farm had two gorgeous red maple trees – and the porch gave us a perfect perspective for them!

I can’t get over these portraits!!  Chris and Jenn, you two are so beautiful!  And look at that amazing light!!


CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-336.jpgJenn’s veil was just perfect for these gorgeous floating veil photos; and with the wind plus Valerie’s veil tossing skills, it was just perfection!

echris jenn-456.jpg

Reception time!!
CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-394.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-404.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-399.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-396.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-419.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-426.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-433.jpgJenn danced with her two brothers, and then Chris shared a dance with his mom :)


CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-463.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-499.jpgThe fun dollar dance :)
CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-500.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-520.jpgThis was the hilariousness that was the garter toss.  These guys REALLY wanted that garter! :)
CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-524.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-533.jpgValerie captured this beautiful shot of these two!
CircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-485.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-466.jpgCircleDFarmWedding_HowardCounty-539.jpgCan you tell it was such a fun reception?  I didn’t want it to end!

Congratulations, Chris and Jenn!!!

June 9, 2016 - 10:34 am

Jennifer - Awww, they are so cute together! I love all of the colors and her boots were too adorable!

June 9, 2016 - 12:37 pm

Brea - They are the cutest couple! I love how happy they are. Beautiful job capturing their true joy! :)

June 9, 2016 - 2:59 pm

Rachel smith - Love the sunset photos and the shot with the fire red tree is gorgeous!

June 9, 2016 - 5:46 pm

Sarah Mitchell - What a lovely wedding venue! The colorful trees you captured in their portraits just added to it! I can’t wait for fall!

June 10, 2016 - 11:10 am

Sarah Wockenfuss - This is such a fun country wedding Brooke! I am in love with their sunset portraits as well, so dreamy!

June 10, 2016 - 3:26 pm

Carly Fuller - Wow that golden hour light was gorgeous on your newlyweds at the Circle D farm! Love a pretty farm wedding!

Melanie + David, a Columbia, MD Wedding

When Megan emailed me to see if I was available to photograph her mother’s wedding, I was thrilled! I have known this family for SO many years; my sister and Allison, Melanie’s middle daughter, were friends as children, and that is how I met Megan. When I was twelve, we moved right across the street from them, and we were so grateful to have them as neighbors! (My parents have the best neighbors!). My mom’s dogs loved to sneak over and visit their dog, Sammy, and Sammy would occasionally escape to come visit our dogs, and as kids, we would all spend summers having tea parties and spa days :) Megan and I rode the bus together, and then we even ended up going to college together at UMBC! Megan majored in graphic design and I majored in English, so we didn’t have too many of the same classes, but we did take a world cultures class together, and it was always so fun driving home together after and chatting about our lives :) Megan, Allison, and Carly are so sweet, and they totally take after their mom!

Melanie is one of the nicest people you could ever meet, and it was such a joy to be there to photograph her beautiful marriage and celebration to David! Melanie and David celebrated with their closest friends and family at the iconic and beautifully renovated Coho Grill at the Hobbit’s Glen Golf Course right here in Columbia, MD (I joked with my husband that I could have biked to their wedding it was so close! haha!). It was such a fun evening and the joy between these two was contagious. It was so wonderful meeting David and his sweet family and Melanie’s extended family.  Everyone was so kind and so happy for these two!  And it was so nice to see all of the gorgeous details and special touches that Melanie and David’s children incorporated!  Congratulations, Melanie and David! My family and I are so happy for you two and we send so much love to you and your wonderful family!!

Maryland Wedding Photographer
Maryland Wedding PhotographerSo sweet!  And isn’t this the most gorgeous family you have ever seen?
Maryland Wedding PhotographerMaryland Wedding PhotographerMaryland Wedding PhotographerMaryland Wedding PhotographerYay!!
Maryland Wedding PhotographerMaryland Wedding Photographer


Maryland Wedding PhotographerI loved that there was Old Bay on the bride and groom’s table just for David! :) A true Marylander!!
Maryland Wedding Photographer

Maryland Wedding PhotographerMelanie and David’s guest book was a collection of river stones that guests signed; this was such a beautiful idea.
Maryland Wedding Photographer
Maryland Wedding PhotographerThis cupcake wedding cake was beautiful!
Maryland Wedding Photographer
Maryland Wedding Photographer
Maryland Wedding Photographer
Maryland Wedding Photographer
Maryland Wedding Photographer

Congratulations, Melanie and David!  I loved celebrating with you two!

Bohemian Autumn Styled Shoot

In the fall, I did a mini styled shoot featuring florals by Della Blooms and with one of my absolute favorite models, Rachel!  It was a dreary (and VERY cold!) afternoon, but just before sunset, the sun finally came out from behind the clouds, and we got some awesome portraits!  I was also SO lucky to work with Dana from Della Blooms for these AMAZING floral arrangements.  Dana had so many amazing ideas and her flowers were truly INCREDIBLE!

Enjoy a few favorites from this fun bohemian shoot!
styled shoot-66-1.jpg
styled shoot-52.jpg
styled shoot-45.jpg
styled shoot-61.jpg

styled shoot-87.jpg
styled shoot-5.jpgstyled shoot-82.jpg
styled shoot-46.jpg
styled shoot-78.jpgstyled shoot-68.jpgstyled shoot-36.jpgstyled shoot-29.jpg
styled shoot-65.jpg
styled shoot-1.jpg
styled shoot-10.jpgBrookeTysonPhotography_MarylandPhotographer_Rustic-602.jpg
styled shoot-93.jpg
styled shoot-95.jpg
styled shoot-92.jpg
styled shoot-99.jpg
styled shoot-17.jpg
styled shoot-15.jpg
styled shoot-11.jpgstyled shoot-68-1.jpgstyled shoot-66.jpg