Brittany + Dan, a Rustic Wedding at the Vineyards of Mary’s Meadow
Kacie + Josh, a Romantic Wedding at Newton White Mansion
Katie + Ryan, a Dulany’s Overlook Wedding
May 29, 2017

2016 Brooke Tyson Photography Behind the Scenes

Brooke Tyson Photography

Kelsey and I have been shooting together for FOUR years now!  She started second shooting with me about one year into my business, and it has been a BLAST photographing so many weddings together. It is pretty incredible how many weddings we have been to together, and we have gotten to know SO many sweet couples throughout these four years. Kelsey can’t photograph every wedding with me (she is a doctor after all – for real!), but I have FANTASTIC second shooters I work with when Kelsey is working (including my husband, Justin, and Sarah, of Sarah Wockenfuss Photography). 2016 was SUCH an incredible year; we met so many amazing couples and photographed SO many beautiful weddings!!  These are bloopers ONLY from the second half of our year of weddings (crazy, right?) – the first half will be added later! :) Enjoy some of our behind the scenes moments!!

And to begin… our favorite blooper – the veil toss!!

“Want me in this one, Brooke?”

Karate moves with the veil toss!

Jackie shared this one on Facebook and one of Justin’s coworkers saw it and it went viral in his office!! HAHA! Justin is one enthusiastic veil tosser!

A fancy toe touch at the end of the veil toss!

“I’m not in this picture at all…”

“I may be falling down this hill, but I am going to jump as high as I can with ONE foot only!”
Newton White Mansion Wedding-652.jpg

I am so glad when someone is around to capture my unbelievable glee at being near a dog. At Katie and Jake’s wedding, I got to hang out with FOUR dogs while photographing Katie’s beautiful jewelry and wedding details. I was so excited!
As soon as Gina and Matt finished photos with Bailey and Axel, I quickly volunteered (maybe a little too eagerly) to carry them back inside. Luckily Justin got a photo while I cuddled with these cuties!

Not only do I tote dogs around, but at Erica and Seth’s wedding this year, I found myself carrying two guns! Normally when I use the word “shoot” I am talking about with a camera!
Kelsey also does a lot of toting! Here she is carrying not only Katie’s wedding dress, but also ALL of the bridesmaids’ dresses!

Golf carts were a theme this year!


Kelsey not only helps me test lighting, but she also demonstrates the steps to a successful first look :) Note her surprise and happiness at the end! haha


That time Kelsey and I wore almost identical outfits to a wedding… I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised; we basically lived in these lightweight kimonos during summer weddings!

Sometimes guests want to get a photo taken when I am testing lighting out for night shots! Haha!

Testing out light! (Sometime in the rain… haha!)

I got to be a lighting tester!


What we think we look like when we are taking pictures… versus how we actually look! haha! Sorry Kelsey! (In reality, there are SO many more of these “actual” ones of me, whereas Kelsey more often than not looks super glamourous while taking pictures!)


And Kelsey is always willing to go to brave new heights for a good picture! Here she is standing on the DJ’s speaker at Maria and Lucas’s wedding (the DJ invited us to stand on it… I was sure it would end in catastrophe if I tried it!). In the second photo, Kelsey is climbing up to the loft at Pier 5 at Shaun and Nick’s wedding to get some great overhead portraits!

Kelsey isn’t the only one to go to great heights for a good shot. At Caroline and Mark’s wedding, Justin climbed three sets of stairs at Rockland’s Farm to get to this incredible rooftop porch for some ceremony pictures!
Rocklands Farm Wedding-9.jpg

Apparently I was sneaking behind Katie and Ryan… or at least that is how this looks! haha
Yet I dashed ahead of Jackie and Zack during a romantic walk down the path (ok, in reality I was attempting to jog ahead and tell them where to stand).
Kelsey hangs out with the bride and groom during romantic moments too – like Maria and Lucas’s walk back from the pond!

At Jillian and Eric’s Raven’s Stadium wedding, I asked Sarah if she could pose while I checked lighting – with a plate of sliders!

Wedding cake… I have to admit, we try the cake at almost every wedding. I was doing some grain-free mistake during Kacie and Josh’s wedding so I didn’t get to try their cake, but Kelsey did – and as you can see from her face, it was good! (Kacie and Josh had the most AMAZING dessert bar!!).

Directing the wedding party :)

I have the most sensitive eyes!

I was photographing Katie’s sleeve, but this photo certainly looks odd!

We aren’t the only ones who do crazy things at weddings!

Sarah dressed accordingly! Check out how well her dress matched these flowers!

I caught this moment at Kacie and Josh’s wedding.


Oftentimes we will take a few quick pictures of each other in the grand entrance location right before the reception starts. This is me walking in where the wedding party was about to come in.


So glamorous!

And there is only one of us that you will catch dancing well at your wedding (I’m a terrible dancer!). Kelsey will sometimes join the dance floor for one song – but if not, she tests out some dance moves will I test out lighting!


Me looking oh-so-cool with my wrist brace AND my camera holster… meanwhile, Kelsey fluffs Kacie’s fancy gown!

I LOVE my wedding couples so much!!! I love when they want a photo with me too (even though I normally look like a mess by the time we get to photos!). And look – Jillian and Eric even asked me to sign their awesome guestbook! :)

Hokie Bird!!  Don’t worry – I wasn’t running to hug him – I wanted to get a better angle to photograph him and Maria. On the right, sometime if we are in a hurry we don’t use a nightstand… instead Kelsey is a human light stand! Can you tell how she feels about this downgrade in job position? haha!

I had to include this true blooper! Nick laughed at the same time I reached up (with my wrist brace… my poor wrists were no match for this wedding season!). It looks like I am swinging at his jaw, but I promise it’s an optical illusion! This one cracked me up when I came across it in the gallery.


Thanks for checking out our bloopers and behind the scenes favorites :) I’m excited to see what 2017 holds!

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