Brittany + Dan, a Rustic Wedding at the Vineyards of Mary’s Meadow
Kacie + Josh, a Romantic Wedding at Newton White Mansion
Katie + Ryan, a Dulany’s Overlook Wedding
January 5, 2018

2017 Behind the Scenes

Brooke Tyson Photography

It’s our favorite post of the year! The Brooke Tyson Photography Behind the Scenes blog post is always so fun to write; Kelsey, Justin, and I have a great time working together, and it is so fun to go through and share some of the moments that happen behind the camera and the hazards of photographing weddings – plus those hilarious blooper moments that we didn’t mean to photograph! This blog post is dedicated to all that goes into photographing a wedding, starting with… the elements of danger! :)

Risk 1: Falling in water

Like the time Kelsey got a little too close to the pond during Christi and Nik’s wedding at Morningside Inn. The ground was SO soft right by the water – I sunk when I walked near it and was so scared of getting to close after that! We both clearly underestimated how far out the water went into the grass!
Behind the scenes wedding photography-102.jpg
And Kelsey also risked it all by getting on this STAIRCASE TO NOWHERE! (Yes, she may have climbed under a “no trespassing” sign – but it was all worth it for the shot! I have to admit… I was really nervous about this rickety staircase – but it was so worth it!

Behind the scenes wedding photography-31-1.jpg
I was less of a risk taker, but it is a little scary photographing on a narrow dock! Every time I remind myself “look before you walk!” because as a photographer, we all have the (bad) habit of walking forward or backward with our eye glued to the viewfinder.
Behind the scenes wedding photography-36.jpg
Kelsey on vacation at a beautiful oceanside resort? Nope – just checking lighting at Katie and Joe’s gorgeous Celebrations at the Bay wedding!

Behind the scenes wedding photography-39.jpg
Behind the scenes wedding photography-35.jpg
Um, hi guys… photographer here… face away from the sun!
Behind the scenes wedding photography-30-1.jpg

There is also the risk of just general falling! Justin helped me with Lauren and Kiel’s engagement session, and he got a few pictures of me rearranging their trash bins outside their house for a few photos.IMG_7958.jpg

Risk 2: Roads and Cobblestone

We don’t just risk walking into water though; sometimes we walk right into traffic! Also, check out my stylish incognito coat-and-huge-bag look!Behind the scenes wedding photography-116.jpg

Risk 3: Pulled Muscles

Photography always carries the very real risk of a pulled muscle too. We carry so much around; cameras, lenses, flashes, light stands, batteries, and of course, dresses! Check out Kelsey flexing those rock climbing muscles carrying an entire bridal party’s bridesmaid’s dresses! (Ok, ok, they weighed hardly anything, but it still looks impressive!)
Behind the scenes wedding photography-99.jpg
And TWO camera bags loaded with lenses and flashes and cameras and as much heavy stuff as I can find! (At least that is how is seems sometimes… haha!)Behind the scenes wedding photography-83.jpg

And I get to carry beautiful bouquets! This was at Kimmye and Matt’s wedding at Mountain Memories at Thorpewood.Behind the scenes wedding photography-61.jpg

Risk 4: Adorable Distractions

There is always the risk of being distracted by cute dogs while photographing a wedding, like Katie and Ryan’s adorable pup who was at Christi’s parents’ house before her wedding. :)

Behind the scenes wedding photography-96.jpg

There is the risk of rain, too, and anyone that knows Justin knows that he is OBSESSED with the weather (in fact, Kelsey used that exact line in her bridesmaid speech rap about Justin!). Leading up to Kimmye and Matt’s wedding ceremony, Justin said “those clouds don’t look good.” It was sunny and beautiful, so I was sure he was wrong, but I asked him to run and get the umbrellas and rain bags out of the car. Thank goodness he did – because it POURED! Here he is staring up at the sky as he rushed back with the rain gear.

Risk 5: Torrential Downpour

Behind the scenes wedding photography-62.jpg
And at the end of the same night, he was still worrying about rain! Haha!Behind the scenes wedding photography-68.jpg

Risk 6: Being photographed!

There is ALWAYS the danger of getting in each other’s shot too! That moment when you realize you’re in each other’s shot is always a bit of a panic (“who has the better angle?”). I was chatting with Kelsey while shooting this beautiful reflection of Jackie’s stunning dress before her wedding to Dominic at Belmont Manor when Kelsey walked into the shot – and then panicked! Haha

Behind the scenes wedding photography-69.jpg

Yup – we get in each other’s shots a lot…

Behind the scenes wedding photography-5.jpgBehind the scenes wedding photography-24.jpgBehind the scenes wedding photography-989-1.jpg

Nicole and Sean’s ceremony set up was really unique – which made staying out of each other’s shots really difficult! My face clearly says “don’t get me in the picture!”

Behind the scenes wedding photography-990.jpg

Ok, I made him pose for the one on the left… I wanted to see how noticeable the word “Manager” would be if I put my couple there. It was way too noticeable!
Behind the scenes wedding photography-111.jpg
Behind the scenes wedding photography-118.jpg

Here I am ruining Kelsey’s shot of Katie and Joe with a pointing hand!

Behind the scenes wedding photography-26.jpg

Behind the scenes wedding photography-27.jpg

Behind the scenes wedding photography-33-1.jpgBehind the scenes wedding photography-85.jpg
Behind the scenes wedding photography-112.jpg

Behind the scenes wedding photography-80.jpg

And facing all these risks can make one go a little, well, crazy!

Behind the scenes wedding photography-95.jpg
Like using the air conditoning vent at Kathryn and Fran’s wedding to make our hair dance…

Behind the scenes wedding photography-54.jpg
Or this…

Behind the scenes wedding photography-18.jpg

She was testing lighting for me and had NO idea these quiet guests had come down the stairs behind her!

Behind the scenes wedding photography-9.jpgBehind the scenes wedding photography-2.jpg
Behind the scenes wedding photography-63.jpg
Behind the scenes wedding photography-15.jpg

Shooting an 8 hour wedding also makes us pretty hungry for wedding cake… (although we only tried the cake at ONE wedding this entire year! But they looked awesome!).
Behind the scenes wedding photography-13.jpgDemonstrating the cake cutting at Kathy and Jeremiah’s cake at the Belvedere in Baltimore:Behind the scenes wedding photography-114.jpg

Here is Teri “cutting the cake” (aka testing light!) at Ashley and Cullen’s Tidewater Inn wedding:Behind the scenes wedding photography-53.jpg

Look at that pure joy over getting a cup of coffee!Behind the scenes wedding photography-1214.jpg

It’s the mid-blog-post break time game – Where’s Waldo, Brooke edition! Can you spot me at Alexa and Josh’s beautiful wedding? Thanks for the shot, Nichole! (Hint – I’m on the dance floor!)

Behind the scenes wedding photography-18889.jpg

But it’s all worth it!

All those “hazardous” risks aside, we have an INCREDIBLE time making our couples’ wedding day the best day possible and creating the most beautiful images (and videos) possible! We love it! Wedding days are filled with such special moments and so much love, and we have a great time being part of creating and sharing that joy.

I get to spend the entire day with my favorite people working together to make sure each wedding is great, and we have so much fun together. I couldn’t ask for a better team!

So many of our behind the scenes photos are quick shots to check our lighting before the couple arrives in order to make sure we have our ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and flash power right. We also snap quick shots of each other in different locations to see how a spot photographs or to make sure we can hide distractions well.

Behind the scenes wedding photography-14.jpg

Location scouting before Kathy and Jeremiah’s wedding in Baltimore:Behind the scenes wedding photography-110.jpg
Kelsey is ALWAYS an expert light tester! Also, can you spot the highway and chainlink fence in the photo on the left? This was our best portrait spot because it was covered (and it was a rainy day – notice Kelsey’s camera rain bag?), so I was checking if we could hide the highway – and it worked! This was a gorgeous location for portraits!

Behind the scenes wedding photography-4.jpg
Even when a bug flies in her mouth, like at Amanda and Bashar’s wedding…

Behind the scenes wedding photography-88.jpg
Behind the scenes wedding photography-77.jpgOr when she somehow makes this face, haha!Behind the scenes wedding photography-1210.jpg

Behind the scenes wedding photography-23.jpg
Behind the scenes wedding photography-105.jpg

Testing the lighting at Christi and Nik’s wedding for their night portraits
Behind the scenes wedding photography-108.jpg

“I like this door – can I get a photo of you? Nevermind – weird keypad. Can I get a photo of you by this column to see if I can hide the parking lot behind it?”

Behind the scenes wedding photography-1201.jpg
Behind the scenes wedding photography-75.jpg

Outside of beautiful Belmont Manor setting up lighting for Jackie and Dominic – with lightening flashing around us! Yikes!
Behind the scenes wedding photography-76.jpg

Justin likes modeling to test the light too… Blue Steel style!

Behind the scenes wedding photography-64.jpg

Justin testing light on me at Kimmye and Matt’s wedding:

Behind the scenes wedding photography-66.jpg

At Carolyn and Dan’s wedding, I rescued a grasshopper from inside the layers of tulle in her dress!Behind the scenes wedding photography-1217gg.jpg

We love spending the day with our awesome couples, their friends, and their families, and sometimes we get photos with them too!
Behind the scenes wedding photography-18888.jpg
Kelsey even knew friends from college at FOUR of our weddings this year!! Here she is with a friend at Katie and Joe’s wedding:

Behind the scenes wedding photography-34-1.jpg

We also love all of the GREAT planners we get to work with each year; I wish I had more photos of them! Here is am working with Aly (at Aly and Seth’s wedding at the Westin in Annapolis) to put some cute pins on Aly’s bouquet :)

Behind the scenes wedding photography-115.jpg

The team I am so fortunate to work with is SUCH a huge help at every wedding, and I am is thankful for the photographers I’ve worked with this year: Kelsey, Justin, Teri, Nichole, Sarah, and Missy. Thank you!!

Kelsey and I have photographed weddings together for FIVE years now and Justin has been shooting with me for THREE years! WOW! I am so grateful for them!

Behind the scenes wedding photography-87.jpgBehind the scenes wedding photography-1211.jpgBehind the scenes wedding photography-1207.jpg

Kelsey does SO MUCH behind the scenes work; she makes sure everything looks perfect!Behind the scenes wedding photography-50.jpgBehind the scenes wedding photography-1206.jpg
Behind the scenes wedding photography-60.jpg

Sarah and Teri shooting ceremony details together:
Behind the scenes wedding photography-40.jpg

Ok, this was during mini sessions, but Justin was a HUGE help during my long day of mini sessions!
Behind the scenes wedding photography-16.jpg

Kelsey always helps me get the best detail shots :) I wish I had a better photo of the right; Kelsey was literally IN this weeping willow holding strands of tree back so I could get the perfect angle of Christi and Nik!
Behind the scenes wedding photography-100.jpg

Thank you for always helping me get perfect night pictures!!
Behind the scenes wedding photography-109.jpg

On the left is Kelsey at The Mansion at Valley Country Club; in the middle is Kelsey at Morningside Inn; on the right is Missy of Missy Freeman Photography at Bowles Farm testing light for Teri of TPoz (on a VERY cold night!).
Behind the scenes wedding photography-11.jpg

Kelsey at one of our favorite wedding venues – Overhills Mansion in Catonsville!
Behind the scenes wedding photography-56.jpgBehind the scenes wedding photography-52.jpg

Stealth Ceremony Photographer, Agent Kelsey Tyson:
Behind the scenes wedding photography-82.jpg

Kelsey also makes me laugh at every wedding! She always has great pose ideas – and she likes to demo them for me! :) Here is Kelsey demonstrating that she wanted Amanda and Bashar to do a leading photo here (that was a GREAT shot too!).
Behind the scenes wedding photography-92.jpg
Behind the scenes wedding photography-103.jpg

And sometimes we feel a little silly posing for photos of each other – like on the left – and other times, we own it!
Behind the scenes wedding photography-81.jpg

But most of the time, Kelsey is ready to pose for test photos – because she knows they will probably make it on this blog post!

Behind the scenes wedding photography-10.jpg
It’s been such a fun year of weddings. I am so fortunate for the couples we get to work with, and I am so, so thankful for the team that makes Brooke Tyson Photography possible. I could not do it without them!

Veil Toss Time!

To end, here are a few veil toss favorites from the past year. Kelsey gets air!
Behind the scenes wedding photography-1209.jpg
Behind the scenes wedding photography-47.jpgBehind the scenes wedding photography-6.jpgBehind the scenes wedding photography-51.jpgBehind the scenes wedding photography-1212.jpg
Thanks for reading our Behind the Scenes blog post and all of my jokes; don’t worry – we stay very safe photographing weddings :) Be sure to check out my wedding favorites tomorrow to see some highlights from all of the beautiful weddings this year!

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Christa Rae : 17:42 January 5, 2018 Reply
Hahaha oh my gosh, I love this behind the scenes post! So many funny light test shots! The veil toss ones are my favorite! Happy 2018!
Nichole Meredith : 17:42 January 5, 2018 Reply
This is such a fun behind the Scenes post!!! I especially love the veil tossing one haha i know so many of us can relate!!!
Brea : 21:32 January 5, 2018 Reply
Behind the scenes posts are the best!! This is so much fun and I love your twist on it :)
Teri : 23:28 January 5, 2018 Reply
You guys have so many great BTS shots from a super fun year!! And Kelsey is a master veil tossed! Haha!