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November 18, 2016

Jackie + Zack, a Bull Run Golf Club Wedding

Brooke Tyson Photography

It was such a huge joy celebrating Jackie and Zack’s wedding in September!! These two got married at the beautiful Bull Run Golf Club on a perfect, cool, crisp fall day.  I have been waiting for Jackie and Zack’s wedding for so long – and it was so exciting that their special day was finally here!!  These two got engaged on June 29, 2014 – the day after Justin and I got married!! Right away, they started planning their September 2016 wedding, so I got to meet these two almost two years before their big day! Jackie and Zack waited until cherry blossom season in 2015 for their engagement session (and you have to see their engagement session – it was SO gorgeous!). We met up in Washington DC early on a weekday morning to avoid the crowds and it was absolutely perfect – not too crowded, lots of beautiful cherry blossoms, and a tulip tree that we got some of my favorite engagement photos ever with! Justin came along for their engagement session, so when I was working on my second shooter list for the fall, he was so excited to come to their wedding as my second shooter!

Jackie has to be one of the happiest and most positive people I have ever met. Her laugh and smile are contagious, and she exudes such an upbeat and happy spirit everywhere she goes. It is clear that she is so loved by so many people, too. The space where Jackie was getting ready for her wedding at Bull Run Golf Club was filled with laughter and smiles, and Jackie was cracking jokes as everyone got ready for the ceremony. But the laughter didn’t end there; Jackie and Zack shared a first look outside of the Bull Run Golf Club and then we had time for their bride and groom portraits – and these two had each other laughing the entire time! Seriously – I think I have an equal number of photos of these two doubled over in laughter as I do of them kissing – and we have a lot of kissing photos! This positive and fun attitude carried through the ceremony also. Jackie and Zack’s fathers officiated the ceremony, and it was so special. Their dads made the ceremony so unique and sweet; it could not have been more personal. They told special stories of their children, talked about their lives before they met and their lives together since 2009, and shared words of advice and wisdom. But on top of that, these two were like a comedy routine! I was holding back laughter while I photographed their vows – their dads are just as funny and fun-loving as these two!

After the ceremony, the sun came out – and we still had time for some portraits after the ceremony – so NAME wedding planner was able to get us a golf cart and Jackie, Zack, Justin, and I took off for some pictures. I am SO glad that these two made the time for some more portraits after the ceremony because I just love the ones we got in this tall grass. And how incredibly brave are these two for going in this incredibly tall grass? It was so worth the trip over there! After portraits, these two headed into their cocktail hour, and then it was time for the fun reception. I know I have already said it, but these two are just so thoughtful toward everyone. During their reception, these two made sure to talk to all of their family and friends (including their huge Bucknell group – this was like a Bucknell College reunion!!). Jackie, Zack, Zack’s mother, and countless friends all attended Bucknell!  During her speech to Jackie and Zack, Jackie’s sister surprised everyone with a Kappa Alpha Theta candle lighting ceremony.  All of the guests gathering together and sang while a candle was passed around the circle.  It was so special!

I have loved getting to know Jackie and Zack over these past two years; I love that the couples I work with become people I consider friends. I feel so fortunate to have met Jackie and Zack; they are just so sweet and funny. And I share something else in common with these two – a love of cats! Jackie and Zack have two cats (really adorable cats too!), and throughout the day they made reference to their cats – it was so cute! Justin and I have cats too, and we loved hearing stories of their cats. In fact, Zack even included cleaning the litter pans as part of his wedding vows! (I think Justin and I need to renew our vows just to include that!) J Justin and I loved being part of Jackie and Zack’s wedding day; Bull Run Golf Club was an absolutely stunning setting for their portraits and ceremony, these two were surrounded by so many family and friends who truly love and adore them, and Jackie and Zack were so happy to be marrying each other. Congratulations, Jackie and Zack!! We loved being part of your day!


I just love Jackie’s shoes!!
bull run virginia wedding-2.jpg
bull run virginia wedding-5.jpg

This bouquet!! So gorgeous!

bull run virginia wedding-49.jpgbull run virginia wedding-12.jpg
bull run virginia wedding-6.jpg
I love that Jackie included her sorority pins on her bouquet :)
bull run virginia wedding-7.jpg
bull run virginia wedding-26.jpg
bull run virginia wedding-22.jpg
bull run virginia wedding-55.jpg
bull run virginia wedding-65.jpg
bull run virginia wedding-67.jpg
bull run virginia wedding-69.jpg
bull run virginia wedding-71.jpg

So pretty, Jackie!!

I am OBSESSED with this picture!!  These two are so cute!!

Jackie laughed all day – she is seriously the happiest person I have ever met! :)


This was such a nice wedding party!!  Jackie and Zack are two of the sweetest people – and their friends are just like them!

album-300.jpgbull run virginia wedding-525.jpg

bull run virginia wedding-520.jpgbull run virginia wedding-530.jpg

Love this sisters picture! :)

Ceremony time!!  Jackie and her dad walking down the aisle was SO sweet; these two laughed and smiled all the way to the altar!
bull run virginia wedding-76.jpg

The dads officiating (and doing an awesome job of it too!)
album-186.jpgbull run virginia wedding-555.jpg

The clouds, this field, and these two!  I just love these pictures in this tall grass!!  I love that these two were brave enough to go into this very tall grass – but it was so worth it!

Party time!!

bull run virginia wedding-545.jpg

These two made all of these GORGEOUS mirrored signs!  They were SO beautiful!

bull run virginia wedding-566.jpg
album-402.jpgbull run virginia wedding-581.jpgbull run virginia wedding-580.jpg
album-265.jpgbull run virginia wedding-610.jpg
Jackie’s mom made the cake!
album-435.jpgbull run virginia wedding-650.jpg

Congratulations, Jackie and Zack!!