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December 3, 2016

Jenna + Charles, an Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding

Brooke Tyson Photography

Jenna and Charles were married at the Elkridge Furnace Inn on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in October.  These two are such a sweet couple, and throughout their day it was clear they were both having a good time.  They were relaxed, happy, and excited to say “I do” and celebrate with family and friends. 

Jenna and Charles just recently moved back to Maryland after living out of state for a few years.  Although we met more than a year ago, we waited until these two were back in the area for their engagement session – and what a perfect night we had!  For their engagement session, Jenna and Charles explored downtown Fell’s Point and then showed me around the area they used to live.  It made for such a beautiful backdrop and we had the most incredible golden light!  But after their wedding, I am starting to think that these two always have perfect light, because we had an incredibly beautiful day and perfect weather on their wedding day.  Just wait until you see their stunning portraits!!    

Jenna and Charles’ wedding was unique in so many ways.  Jenna carried a beautiful bouquet made not from real flowers but from paper flowers.  Not only was Jenna’s bouquet so unique, but it was handmade by Charles as a gift to her!  Jenna’s bouquet was made of origami flowers in shades of green, which matched the beautiful purple origami flowers that Charles’ mother made for their table centerpieces.  In addition to that, Jenna wore a very special memento inside of her wedding heels; just before the ceremony, Jenna placed a penny inside of her shoe that her mother’s mother had carried at her own wedding in 1940.  Jenna’s mother carried this same penny when she walked down the aisle, and now Jenna too was able to share this special and meaningful tradition.  And Jenna and Charles’ ceremony was incredibly personal too; Charles’ brother and one of Jenna’s brothers took turns officiating the ceremony, and then Jenna’s brother joined one of her bridesmaids to perform a beautiful song.  Jenna’s other brother shared a reading, and Charles’ brother guided Jenna and Charles through a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, in honor of Charles’ mother’s heritage.   

Because Jenna and Charles shared a first look before their ceremony, we had time for lots of bride and groom portraits before the ceremony and almost all of the family portraits!  That meant that after the ceremony, we took some gorgeous sunset portraits and then these two enjoyed their cocktail hour with family and friends.  The reception began with Jenna and Charles’ first dance and then dinner – which was an incredible buffet (there was even an entirely vegetarian table!  To say I was excited is an understatement!).  These two are so thoughtful; they made sure we ate at the start of the dinner time so that we could be back quickly and well before everyone was finished eating to be ready for speeches.  After dinner, both Jenna’s father and Charles’ father gave speeches (which included the presentation of a Terrible Towel to Charles from Jenna’s father!) J  The maid of honor and best man both gave their speeches, and then these two shared dances with their parents before the dance floor opened.  It was such a fun night with LOTS of dancing (it was a packed dance floor all night!).  I especially loved seeing so many people dancing almost in sync to some songs – it was such a fun night! 

Jenna and Charles, you two are such a perfect pair and a genuinely kind and loving couple.  Kelsey and I loved every moment of your day and the time we spent getting to know you two prior to your wedding.  We are so happy for you both!!  Congratulations, Jenna and Charles!!

Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0001.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0002.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0003.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0005.jpgElkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0007.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0006.jpg
Jenna and Charles had such a stunning portrait session!!  These two shared a sweet first look by the Elkridge Furnace Inn garden before their ceremony, and then we had time for some sunset portraits after their ceremony before Jenna and Charles joined their guests for the cocktail hour.
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0016.jpg

I LOVE this one!!  This is definitely a favorite!  These two are so good at the dip!!  (Check out their engagement session for more proof!)
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0070.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0069.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0065.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0067.jpg

This group has to be one of the sweetest wedding parties ever!
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0066.jpg

Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0072.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0073.jpg

I love this magical little spot :)
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0025.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0026.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0028.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0019.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0020.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0024.jpgElkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0017.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0014.jpgElkridge Furnace Inn Wedding -86.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0013.jpg
Jenna and her mom are so adorable!
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0010.jpg

Jenna shared a toast with her bridal party and a sweet moment with her mother before the ceremony began.

Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0030.jpgElkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0029.jpg

And then it was time for the ceremony!

Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0075.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0033.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0031.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0032.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0076.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0074.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0061.jpgElkridge Furnace Inn Wedding -1030.jpg

Jenna, you are stunning!!
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0023.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0027.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0018.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0068.jpgAnother absolute favorite!
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0071.jpg

Reception time!
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0035.jpgElkridge Furnace Inn Wedding -299.jpg

Each table had beautiful origami flowers and paper cranes that Charles’ mother carefully made, plus math equations (Jenna has a PhD in mathematics, so it was a perfect nod to her love of math!).  Kelsey, my second shooter, just loved these equations; she is a pharmacist and excelled in math.  It was so cool how each table was different!

Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding -313.jpgElkridge Furnace Inn Wedding -3010.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0041.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0044.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0049.jpg

Charles was inducted into Jenna’s family with a Pittsburgh Terrible Towel :)
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0045.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0046.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0051.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0052.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0047.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0050.jpg
Party time!!
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0054.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0056.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0058.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0059.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0057.jpg

Jenna and Charles’ guestbook was filled with fun snaps from guests and sweet messages!
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0037.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0055.jpg
Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding-0060.jpg

Congratulations, Jenna and Charles!!

Lauren Swann : 15:39 January 3, 2017 Reply
What a gorgeous couple! This wedding seems so sweet, Brooke!
Brea : 15:43 January 3, 2017 Reply
Brooke! This wedding is so beautiful! I love how clean and bright the images are. I also just love the bride's style. Magical!