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February 16, 2013

Walking on Thin Ice

Last Sunday I went for a walk around Centennial Park.  I had my dogs with me, so I did not even think to bring my camera, but as soon as I got there, I wanted to turn right around and go back so I could snap some shots.  The lake was partially frozen, and there were geese resting on, walking across, and swimming alongside the ice.  After the walk, I went home, got my camera, and came back, but off course, the sun had sunk behind a mask of clouds, and the geese had moved on to more fun adventures.  There was only one, lone goose left on the ice (alongside a trio of noisy ducks), and as he or she marched across the ice path, I captured this picture.  
Not long from now, we will be saying good bye to winter and welcoming spring with open arms, but this picture looks so “winter” to me.  Happy winter!