Brittany + Dan, a Rustic Wedding at the Vineyards of Mary’s Meadow
Kacie + Josh, a Romantic Wedding at Newton White Mansion
Katie + Ryan, a Dulany’s Overlook Wedding
January 8, 2017

2016 Best of Engagements by Brooke Tyson Photography

Brooke Tyson Photography

What an exciting year of engagements this has been!!  I LOVE engagement sessions; they are so much slower-paced than the wedding day, so my couples and I have time to chat about their wedding, how they met, and everything else in their life!  It also gives everyone time to feel comfortable being photographing – which is scary (I have to admit – I definitely do not like having my picture taken, so I can totally relate!).

Some of these couples had both their engagement session and wedding in 2016, and others are getting married next year (and I can’t wait for their upcoming weddings!!).  I also think it is so cool that 2016 bride and groom Katie and Ryan got engaged and married in 2016 and Katie’s sister, Christi, got engaged to her now-fiance, Nik, also in 2016 – and we did their engagement session in December of 2016!  So sisters Christi and Katie both had engagement sessions in 2016 – Katie’s in early spring and Christi’s in winter!

I also loved exploring so many beautiful new-to-me and familiar locations during all of these engagement sessions.  A few sessions were even at private homes or farms, which was so cool!  I also love that some of these sessions are at the same exact location – but you would never guess.  A difference in season, in lighting day-to-day, and, of course, in the couples and their personalities can make one location look like two different places!

Another bonus of going through all of my favorites from the engagement sessions this year is seeing all of the GORGEOUS engagement rings again.  It is probably pretty obvious, but I LOVE photographing rings; it is so fun finding new ways to showcase a ring (and if I have time, I try to get a seasonal-inspired ring photo or a photo of the ring with the wedding colors if I can find them in nature.  I love ring photos!).

It has been so much fun going through all of these engagement portraits from 2016!  I have loved getting to know everyone this year, and it has been so fun celebrating with my 2016 wedding couples – and I am SO excited for all of the 2017 weddings this year!!  Enjoy looking through some of my favorites from this past year – and congratulations to all of my 2016 couples!!2017-01-07_0141.jpg2017-01-07_0247.jpg2017-01-07_0240.jpg2017-01-07_0179.jpg2017-01-07_0178.jpg2017-01-07_0211.jpg2017-01-07_0165.jpg2017-01-07_0170.jpg2017-01-07_0147.jpg2017-01-07_0148.jpg2017-01-07_0140.jpg2017-01-07_0167.jpg2017-01-07_0174.jpg2017-01-07_0177.jpg2017-01-07_0198.jpg2017-01-07_0210.jpg2017-01-07_0207.jpg2017-01-07_0229.jpg2017-01-07_0232.jpg2017-01-07_0237.jpg2017-01-07_0251.jpg2017-01-07_0238.jpg2017-01-07_0254.jpg2017-01-07_0250.jpg2017-01-07_0225.jpg2017-01-07_0242.jpg2017-01-07_0197.jpg2017-01-07_0168.jpg2017-01-07_0182.jpg2017-01-07_0143.jpg2017-01-07_0142.jpg2017-01-07_0144.jpg2017-01-07_0138.jpg2017-01-07_0173.jpg2017-01-07_0171.jpg2017-01-07_0205.jpg2017-01-07_0209.jpg2017-01-07_0227.jpg2017-01-07_0244.jpg2017-01-07_0246.jpg2017-01-07_0230.jpg2017-01-07_0234.jpg2017-01-07_0172.jpg2017-01-07_0150.jpg2017-01-07_0163.jpg2017-01-07_0149.jpg2017-01-07_0137.jpg2017-01-07_0146.jpg2017-01-07_0166.jpg2017-01-07_0169.jpg2017-01-07_0176.jpg2017-01-07_0180.jpg2017-01-07_0195.jpg2017-01-07_0208.jpg2017-01-07_0206.jpg2017-01-07_0236.jpg2017-01-07_0226.jpg2017-01-07_0252.jpg2017-01-07_0249.jpg2017-01-07_0235.jpg2017-01-07_0248.jpg2017-01-07_0212.jpg2017-01-07_0196.jpg2017-01-07_0181.jpg2017-01-07_0175.jpg2017-01-07_0164.jpg2017-01-07_0139.jpg2017-01-07_0233.jpg2017-01-07_0231.jpg2017-01-07_0245.jpg2017-01-07_0239.jpg2017-01-07_0253.jpg

Brea : 04:49 January 11, 2017 Reply
Such an amazing year and so many beautiful couples! Can't wait to follow your work for another year, Brooke! Happy 2017!