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October 6, 2018

Ashley + Sam, a Rustic Dulany’s Overlook Wedding

Brooke Tyson Photography

Ashley and Sam were married on Saturday, September 15 at gorgeous Dulany’s Overlook. Not only was their wedding so, so beautiful, but it was also so much fun! This was an INCREDIBLE wedding!! I want to go back to their wedding as a guest – it was spectacular! Just wait until you see their beautiful wedding day!

The week leading up to Ashley and Sam’s wedding, a hurricane barreled toward the East coast – with rain predicted for the entire day. But, incredibly, it did not rain at all throughout Ashley and Sam’s entire wedding day – and instead we got nice, cooler weather. It was perfect!

Ashley and Sam both got ready at the lovely manor house at Dulany’s Overlook. Ashley gave her bridesmaids incredible gifts; each bridesmaid got a cute wooden crate filled with surprises – Ashley even painted her bridesmaid’s pets as one gift! I have never seen such thoughtful, elaborate, and generous gifts; it is clear that this group of people means so much to Ashley – and Ashley is such a kind person! Sam surprised his groomsmen with gifts too – these two are just so sweet! Once Ashley slipped into her gorgeous flowy, woven gown, it was time for Ashley and Sam’s first look! We had so much fun during portraits (these two are so gorgeous! They are like models!). And then, suddenly, it was wedding ceremony time!

Ashley and Sam’s wedding ceremony was in a beautiful clearing in the woods alongside the manor house, and the altar was adorned with beautiful flowers and vintage windows (it was SO pretty! I want Ashley and Sam’s wedding décor to become my home décor! These two as so creative!). Sam’s uncle officiated their ceremony, which was so sweet, and one of Ashley’s bridesmaids performed a ceremonial hand tying, where Ashley and Sam’s hands were bound together. It was such a sweet, unique ceremony!
Ashley and Sam had the most INCREDIBLE décor! Dulany’s Overlook is a gorgeous venue, and it complimented the rustic farmhouse style that Ashley and Sam decorated their reception with. The reception was filled with stunning details; each table had a wreath of vines with twinkling lights encircling mercury glass votive lights. The table numbers were rustic wood, and each place setting had a beautiful wood charger that Ashley’s mom carefully cut and sanded. Each place setting had a menu and a cute piece of greenery. The tables were beautiful! Ashley’s mom hand folded 1,000 paper cranes and strung them to form a gorgeous paper crane wall for good luck. There was also a huge table filled with delicious pieces – also on rustic wood chargers – and there was a fun retro photo booth with tons of great props. And to top everything off, a huge vine and flower wreath hung above the dance floor. Ashley and Sam built the wreath, and their wedding party helped them hang it up. It was spectacular! It was clear that all of the decor was such a labor of love – it was such a gorgeous reception!

Downstairs was also beautifully decorated. There was a photo wall with pictures of family’s weddings over the years and a photo of Ashley and Sam to match – so sweet! There was an incredible table number sign, a gorgeous mirrored welcome sign, a beautiful hashtag wreath, and more! Guests enjoyed the lower level while enjoying appetizers and drinks while the sun set during cocktail hour, and then headed upstairs where the party kicked off! Ashley and Sam shared a first look, which was so nice because didn’t want to miss any of their day, so we finished all of their portraits before the ceremony began! I loved that they could spend the night visiting with guests, dancing, and having so much fun! Since we were able to finish all of their pictures before the ceremony, so these two got to be part of their entire cocktail hour – which was so nice!!

Ashley’s maid of honor and Sam’s best man gave such touching speeches; it is clear how strong these friendships are. And then Ashley’s father gave a beautiful speech, punctuated at the end with a wedding sing-along of the hokey pokey! Ashley’s father said that he sang the hokey pokey to Ashley as a child, so on her wedding day, all of her family and friends sang it along with her. It was so sweet! And the singing continued after that! Ashley and Sam’s guests were given a challenge by the DJ; come up and sing a song about love and your table can cut the line for dinner. A few talented (and brave!) guests accepted the challenge – and they were rewarded with a front of the line pass to the pizza food truck, serving a variety of salads and delicious stone fired pizzas. For dessert, in lieu of cake, Ashley and Sam had a huge display of various pies. Guests loved it! In addition to that, there was a fun photo booth for guests to enjoy; I don’t think a minute went by that there was not someone in the photo booth :)
Ashley and Sam gave their DJ maracas, sombreros, foam fingers, and glow sticks to pass out during the night; when “Shake Shake Shake Senora” came on, everyone got maracas, and when “Despacito” came on everyone got a sombrero! It was so much fun and such a great idea. Everyone was on the dance floor – and everyone was having SO much fun!! (I loved seeing guests so excited to come rushing to the dance floor each time the fun gifts came out – it was such an incredible idea. If you are looking for wedding ideas, just look to Ashley and Sam’s wedding!).

Right now, these two are honeymooning in beautiful Hawaii – and they are exploring all four islands! What an incredible end to an amazing wedding and an incredible start to an amazing life together! Ashley and Sam, we adore you both!! Have a fantastic honeymoon, and enjoy some highlights from your beautiful wedding day!


ashley sam-66.jpg

Ashley, you are such a gorgeous bride!!

I love this!! This was such a fun wedding party!

I love this one so much! Not only are these two gorgeous, but the mountain views are so pretty!

Love them!

So beautiful!!



Dulanys_Overlook_Frederick_Wedding-509.jpgThe most magical ceremony space!Dulanys_Overlook_Frederick_Wedding-512.jpgDulanys_Overlook_Frederick_Wedding-42.jpg
Yay!! Married!


We paused for about 60 seconds to grab some quick portraits right before the reception began :)
Ashley and Sam’s wedding reception was BEYOND gorgeous!! Just look at all these beautiful details!

Their table settings were so beautiful. Ashley’s mom sanded every single one of these handmade wood chargers! They were beautiful!

Ashley’s sweet mom hand folded 1,000 origami paper cranes for good luck, then strung them for a gorgeous wall of good fortune!
Ashley’s dad sang the hokey pokey to her – and then had the entire room singing along! It was SO sweet (I promise I wasn’t the only one tearing up!).
Ashley and Sam asked guests to come up and sing a song about love in order to be called first for the buffet. A few brave (and remarkably talented!) guests took the challenge – and their tables got to enjoy the reward of dinner!
And after dinner, the party really kicked off! This was an AWESOME evening!! Ashley and Sam sure know how to throw a party!

Congratulations, Ashley and Sam!!

Renee : 21:39 October 11, 2018 Reply
I’m not only impressed with these gorgeous images, but also with how beautifully you tell their story! Amazing!
Anna A : 03:04 October 12, 2018 Reply
Okay...I LOVE HER DRESS! It is just gorgeous! I love how you used all the areas at dulany's...that garden pic is stunning! These are amazing!
Emily : 14:53 October 12, 2018 Reply
I love this venue, and you utilized all the areas perfectly! So much variety, and I love how you highlighted the gorgeous scenery in the background.
Teri : 15:45 October 15, 2018 Reply
that DRESS! and her earrings are so fun! man, those views at the venue are stunning, but that little cellar with vines is my fave! beautiful work!