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December 9, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

Brooke Tyson Photography

Bradley ten-214.jpg
Bradley ten-160.jpg

It was so fun celebrating Bradley’s first Thanksgiving this year. Bradley wasn’t the most smiley for these photos, but they still are so adorable. I think all parents learn that sometimes you get the smiley days and sometimes you get those grouchy days – and no matter how many times you sing Baby Shark, make silly faces, and dance, you are not going to get a smile. Haha! But I also think we all love these photos of our babies when they aren’t smiling, too :)

Bradley ten-189.jpg

I remember going to the Olan Mills portrait studio many, many, many years ago with my parents. I was three of four and we were meeting all five of my cousins at the portrait studio for a picture of all of us. I don’t remember why, but I was grouchy. That was unusual for me, though. As a child, I was super smiley and just always happy (and as an adult, I am still super smiley! Haha). But I was grumpy at the photo studio. I still remember feeling upset and not even being such why. Maybe I wanted to wear a different outfit. Maybe I was shocked to walk in the studio and see all of my cousins. I do remember that we were running late and the last to arrive. Maybe I picked up on some of that tension. Whatever it was, I refused to smile. I crossed my arms and did my best grumpy face – even with my parents, aunts, uncles, and the photographer pleading with me to smile. And then, for years after that, I got to see that photo hanging in my grandparents’ house and I felt so, so bad and guilty. I remember even as a child seeing that and wondering why I had been so grouchy! But it just goes to show that even the happiest child – or baby – has their “off” days. And that doesn’t mean that we won’t still love the photos of them. Because even though I was a grumpy grouch face in that photo, it still brings back a funny memory. Plus, my cousins are all the cutest and happiest bunch! :)

Bradley ten-182.jpg

Here is one of the few smiles I got! :)

Bradley ten-216.jpg

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed celebrating safely and virtually with family.