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August 12, 2013

Cara + Emily’s Dog Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our dogs, Cara and Emily!  Justin and I just got home from vacation late last night and it is so nice to be back home – but it is also so sad that vacation is over!  Every year on August 11 I celebrate our dogs’ birthdays, so today was the big celebration.  Cara is approximately 10 and Emily is around 6.  I adopted Cara from Friend of Rocky Mount Animals in 2004, and we rescued Emily from the Delaware Count SPCA in 2008.  To celebrate their birthdays, we made a dog-friendly peanut butter and carrot cake (they LOVED it!), and spent the day with them.  Enjoy a few pictures of their birthday celebration!
 Emily wasn’t as excited about the celebration as Cara was, but they both loved the cake.
And a few birthday portraits!