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September 21, 2014

Cathy + Allen – A Pier 5 Baltimore Wedding


Cathy and Allen were married at Pier 5 overlooking the water right in downtown Baltimore, Maryland.  It was a perfect August day; not too hot, and no rain!  It was a fun day all around too.  When I arrived, I was so surprised to see how calm Cathy was!  Cathy was relaxed and having fun with her bridesmaids (they even did zumba together!).  After the girls finished getting ready, we went downstairs and did some bridal party photos and pictures of the beautiful bride.  On the other side of the hotel, Kelsey, my second shooter, was photographing the guys.  Then it was time for the ceremony – which was truly the most touching ceremony I have ever seen.  Cathy and Allen wrote personal messages for each other, and they were so sweet.  It was so beautiful.

The reception afterward was so fun, complete with a Pixelated Photo Booth, raffles, and lots and lots of dancing!  Ashley and Katey of Lemon & Lime Event Design coordinated Cathy and Allen’s beautiful day.  They are so great to work with, and it was so nice to see them again; the last time I saw this awesome duo was at my own wedding in June :)  I also had my favorite second shooter, Kelsey, with me.  I always love working with my sister!

Cathy and Allen’s wedding was so beautiful and fun, and these two are really just some of the sweetest people.  I loved getting to know Cathy and Allen during our engagement shoot and it was so fun celebrating their wedding with them!  Enjoy a few of my favorites from Cathy and Allen’s wedding day!

PS: Cathy and Allen are featured on Charm City Wed!!!



2014-09-21_0004.jpg 2014-09-21_0006.jpg



Cathy’s beautiful veil was her “something borrowed.”




Aren’t these three girls so adorable?  They were so much fun to photograph! 2014-09-21_0002.jpg


Aren’t these four a gorgeous group?  Cathy’s bridesmaids were all so sweet and supportive! 2014-09-21_0009.jpg 2014-09-21_0010.jpg 2014-09-21_0011.jpg 2014-09-21_0012.jpg 2014-09-21_0017.jpg

STUNNING!! 2014-09-21_0015.jpg 2014-09-21_0014.jpg

I loved Cathy’s fantastic PINK bouquet :) 2014-09-21_0013.jpg 2014-09-21_0016.jpg


My wonderful second shooter (and sister extraordinaire), Kelsey, photographed the guys getting ready.

2014-09-21_0068.jpg 2014-09-21_0018.jpg

I love all these fun shots of the groom and groomsmen that Kelsey got! 2014-09-21_0019.jpg

Three of the funniest brothers :) 2014-09-21_0020.jpg 2014-09-21_0021.jpg 2014-09-21_0065.jpg 2014-09-21_0027.jpg 2014-09-21_0028.jpg 2014-09-21_0075.jpg 2014-09-21_0029.jpg

Allen’s brother asked for a picture holding the bouquet!  I love it! 2014-09-21_0030.jpg 2014-09-21_0031.jpg 2014-09-21_0032.jpg 2014-09-21_0034.jpg Such a good looking wedding party :) 2014-09-21_0033.jpg 2014-09-21_0073.jpg 2014-09-21_0074.jpg 2014-09-21_0076.jpg 2014-09-21_0085.jpg 2014-09-21_0077.jpg 2014-09-21_0086.jpg 2014-09-21_0078.jpg 2014-09-21_0084.jpg 2014-09-21_0079.jpg 2014-09-21_0083.jpg 2014-09-21_0080.jpg 2014-09-21_0082.jpg 2014-09-21_0081.jpg 2014-09-21_0071.jpg 2014-09-21_0070.jpg 2014-09-21_0072.jpg


The Pier 5 had wonderful food!2014-09-21_0061.jpg

2014-09-21_0060.jpg 2014-09-21_0064.jpg

Cathy and Allen’s first dance was AWESOME!! They did the salsa, waltzed, and even tap danced! 2014-09-21_0042.jpg 2014-09-21_0040.jpg 2014-09-21_0041.jpg 2014-09-21_0043.jpg 2014-09-21_0044.jpg

Pier 5 looked awesome – the team at Lemon and Lime Event Design are fabulous!! 2014-09-21_0038.jpg

I love their Philly-inspired cake! 2014-09-21_0045.jpg 2014-09-21_0039.jpg 2014-09-21_0049.jpg 2014-09-21_0046.jpg 2014-09-21_0048.jpg 2014-09-21_0047.jpg 2014-09-21_0052.jpg 2014-09-21_0051.jpg 2014-09-21_0053.jpg

The speeches were hilarious :)

2014-09-21_0055.jpg 2014-09-21_0054.jpg

2014-09-21_0058.jpg 2014-09-21_0056.jpg 2014-09-21_0057.jpg 2014-09-21_0050.jpg 2014-09-21_0059.jpg

2014-09-21_0022.jpg 2014-09-21_0023.jpg2014-09-21_0026.jpg


Congratulations, Cathy and Allen!  Kelsey and I absolutely loved celebrating with you two!


Venue: The Pier 5

Photographer: Brooke Tyson Photography

Event Planners: Lemon & Lime Event Design

Bride’s Dress: Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection

Florist: Wessel’s Florist and Weddings

DJ: Music Masters

Makeup and Hair: Behind the Veil

Cake: Sugarbakers

Bridesmaid dresses: Donna Morgan

Men’s Suits: David’s Bridal

Invitations: Blue Fence Designs

Chris the Wedding Guy : 23:49 December 3, 2014 Reply
Great couple to work with. Gorgeous wedding, great job by Lemon and Lime events. And yes, their ceremony vows did reduce everyone to tears!