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August 31, 2013

Corey + Steve – Comus Inn, Maryland Wedding


I am so excited to share Corey and Steve’s beautiful wedding!  Corey and Steve were married at the Comus Inn in Dickerson, MD on a perfect summer day – not too hot or humid, and slightly overcast – until right after the ceremony, when the sun was gorgeous over the mountains.  The Comus Inn is such an incredible setting.  Corey emailed me in January to talk about her upcoming summer wedding and I was SO excited!  I love Sugarloaf Mountain, and couldn’t wait to see The Comus Inn.  I am obsessed with fields, old buildings, and split rail fences, and I was already envisioning all of the great shots we could create!  Corey worked with beautiful April (she married Jon in January!) and I am so thankful that I met her through April!  Corey is such a sweet, loving person!  When we met a month before the wedding, Corey kept telling me that she would need help posing and that she wasn’t comfortable behind the camera.  Clearly Corey was being very modest because these two were perfect at posing!  On top of that, they had so many great ideas and such cute elements at their wedding!  (Can you tell I am loving striped straws and strawberry lemonade right now?).


I loved spending time with Corey and Steve during their wedding, and it was so wonderful meeting their family and friends!  Everyone was so sweet, helpful, and welcoming, and Corey’s maid of honor and Steve’s best man were outstanding; their speeches were so touching and they were both so supportive of the bride and groom throughout the day.  I also loved how immediately following the ceremony Corey and Steve stepped away from the celebration to spend a few minutes together, and then share some time with their immediate family.  I really appreciated how they took the time to really enjoy and savor this special moment in their life, and to celebrate and share the joy with their family members.  It was sweet and gave the two newly joined families a chance to connect as well.

Corey and Steve decided to do a first look together before the ceremony, which was SO sweet.  Not only was it wonderful for them to have the chance to see each other for the first time in a more private setting, but it also gave us lots more time for tons of beautiful pictures of the two of them.  It is so clear how much these two love each other!  I feel so fortunate to have been part of their beautiful wedding, and I am so excited to see their life journey together in the coming years.  Congratulations Corey and Steve!

ComusInnCountryWedding107.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding129.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding125.jpg

ComusInnCountryWedding100.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding101.jpg


Corey, you are a stunning bride!

Corey’s bouquet was incredible – the colors, the flowers, and those unique touches.


One of my favorites!


Corey and Steve decided to do a first look and see each other before the ceremony.  It was so sweet!!


They were SO excited to see each other!!  I love this!!

ComusInnCountryWedding119_1.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding122_1.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding125_1.jpg


And then we headed off to do some portraits of just the two of them!
ComusInnCountryWedding148_1.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding152_1.jpgLove this!  Corey wanted to try to get some pictures in the road, and I love how these turned out.  The road was terrifying though!  We were right below a hill on one side, and a curve on the other!  We had to keep dashing out of the road, but we got some great shots (safely!).
ComusInnCountryWedding155_1.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding158_1.jpg



ComusInnCountryWedding142.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding143.jpgI love the way he looks at her; you can just see the love.
ComusInnCountryWedding140.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding144.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding147.jpg

Corey and Steve, you two are models!

ComusInnCountryWedding151.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding161_1.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding155.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding157.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding138_1.jpgThey are so cute!!
ComusInnCountryWedding134_1.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0254.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0257.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0259.jpg

Wedding time!

ComusInnCountryWedding031.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding034.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding035.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding039.jpg They sealed their vows with a pinky promise!  How adorable is that?
ComusInnCountryWedding045.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding048.jpg

Such a gorgeous bride and groom!

ComusInnCountryWedding165.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding164.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding182.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding128_1.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding063.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding062.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0318.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0320.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0310.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0311.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0313.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0317.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0295.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0291.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding055.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0315.jpgComusInnCountryWedding060.jpg
ComusInnCountryWedding0305.jpgThe sun came out!
ComusInnCountryWedding0302.jpgI love everything about this picture!!
ComusInnCountryWedding0279.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0283.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0286.jpg


Pink lemonade in mason jars with striped straws – perfection!

ComusInnCountryWedding0264.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0297.jpg Stunning!!!
ComusInnCountryWedding0300.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0308.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0307.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0303.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0294.jpgThis was such a sweet moment; before being introduced as husband and wife, Corey and Steve stepped into the bar to practice their first dance together.  (It was a pretty impressively choreographed dance!).
ComusInnCountryWedding0292.jpg Time to celebrate!
ComusInnCountryWedding0252.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0194.jpg


ComusInnCountryWedding009.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding049.jpg



ComusInnCountryWedding007.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0211.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0206.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0202.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0221.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0190.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0189.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding014.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0217.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding006.jpg

ComusInnCountryWedding0198.jpg ComusInnCountryWedding0215.jpg


ComusInnCountryWedding0275.jpg This was such a sweet idea: Corey and Steve wanted to replicate Steve’s parent’s cake cutting picture.

Congratulations, Corey and Steve!  It was such a joy getting to know the two of you!  Enjoy many happy years of marriage!



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