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September 30, 2016

Jillian + Eric, a Raven’s Stadium Wedding

Brooke Tyson Photography

Jillian and Eric are two of the most dedicated Ravens football fans.  But what makes these two even more interesting is that neither Jillian or Eric have ever lived in Maryland.  In fact, these two are Wisconsin natives!  And even more incredible is that these two met over their mutual love of the Baltimore Ravens!  These two LOVE the Baltimore Ravens and frequently travel to Maryland to watch their favorite team play.  They even went to the Superbowl in New Orleans a few years ago to cheer on the Ravens!  Jillian and Eric’s adorable dogs are even Raven’s fans – their names are RayLou and TNick!

On September 5, exactly two years to the day after Eric proposed to Jillian while visiting Baltimore, Jillian and Eric shared their wedding vows at the Raven’s stadium in downtown Baltimore, surrounded by friends and family – most of whom also flew in from out of town.  It is clear that these two are very loved by many!  Through their love of the Ravens, these two have met other diehard Raven’s fans – and Jillian and Eric’s Maryland friends were so excited to celebrate with them!  It was such a joy to celebrate with Jillian and Eric; Sarah, my second shooter, Justin, who filmed their wedding, and I loved sharing in this special, intimate wedding.  I loved getting to know Jillian and Eric’s family and friends; everyone was SO nice. Their relatives from New Mexico were so welcoming toward us (they shared a dinner table with us!), and Jillian’s mom and best friend were so nice (and so funny!).  Everyone was just so excited for these two and so thrilled to be celebrating at Jillian and Eric’s favorite place!

Ravens’ purple and black were the colors of the day, and these two had so many unique touches!  Jillian’s wedding dress featured fun purple tulle, the details – including Jillian’s stunning amethyst jewelry and purple heels – were all purple, guests took home purple M&M’s as favors, Jillian and Eric switched into custom purple Nikes, and every single wedding guest wore Raven’s colors – everybody dressed in purple and black!  How incredible is that?  And just wait until you see their FANTASTIC cake, which was custom made by the one and only Charm City Cakes. 

After these two exchanged their wedding vows, we headed down to the Raven’s field for some stadium pictures.  It was very awesome being on the field – and these two were so easy-going even though it was very hot and sunny!  After tons of incredible pictures (just wait until you see these!!), we headed inside for cocktail hour!  After family portraits, Jillian and Eric’s guests divided into two groups to take tours of the stadium!  Guests saw the pressbox, the field, and best of all, the Raven’s locker room (very cool!).  We did lots of fun pictures in the locker room, and then it was time for dinner.  Every headed toward the Inner Harbor for dinner at Ruth’s Chris.  Jillian, Eric, and I got to do some quick pictures around Pier 5, while Justin, with Last Avalon Films, got some AMAZING drone footage of these two!  Jillian and Eric were so incredibly sweet to invite Justin and I to share dinner with them and their guests; we even had placecards with our names on them!  These two are just so thoughtful.  Everyone enjoyed the fantastic dinner (it was our first time eating at Ruth’s Chris; it was great!) and then these two cut their beautiful wedding cake and spent the evening with their sweet family and friends. 

I have just loved getting to know Jillian and Eric; they are such genuinely kind and giving people.  Jillian is SO organized (which I appreciate so much!), and she put so much thought into every beautiful detail of her wedding day.  I have just loved hearing about every component of this special day, and it was incredible to see it all come together.  Planning a wedding is challenging – planning a wedding from out of state is truly an amazing feat, and these two pulled it off flawlessly.  Jillian and Eric had such a dream come true wedding at an incredible place that is so meaningful to them.  Enjoy some highlights from Jillian and Eric’s spectacular wedding!  Congratulations!!

Ravens Stadium Wedding-41.jpg

Ravens Stadium Wedding-2.jpg

Ravens Stadium Wedding-34.jpg

Ravens Stadium Wedding-26.jpg

Ravens Stadium Wedding-4.jpg

Ceremony time!

Ravens Stadium Wedding-96.jpg

Ravens Football Wedding-3.jpg

Ravens Football Wedding-1.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-15.jpg

Ravens Football Wedding-20.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-16.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-25.jpg

Ravens Football Wedding-26.jpg

Ravens Football Wedding-30.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-40.jpg

Ravens Football Wedding-261.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-310-1.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-361.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-431-1.jpg

Ravens Football Wedding-46.jpg

I love this one!

Ravens Football Wedding-423.jpg

Ravens Football Wedding-306.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-410.jpg

Ravens Football Wedding-422.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-311.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-320-2.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-320-1.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-326.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-321-2.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-321-1.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-375-1.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-375-2.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-425.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-400-2.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-365-1.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-52.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-56.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-510.jpg

Ravens Football Wedding-300.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-380.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-295.jpg

Ravens Football Wedding-146-1.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-291.jpg

Ravens Football Wedding-394.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-270.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-265.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-240.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-251.jpg

Ravens Football Wedding-365-2.jpg
The Baltimore-residing Ravens fans with the bride and groom!
Ravens Football Wedding-125-1.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-126.jpg

I love the pictures we got of the entire group in the Raven’s locker room!

Ravens Football Wedding-101.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-127.jpg

This is definitely a favorite!!  I love this cool locker room shot!

Check out the TV – there were photos of these two on every screen in the clubhouse all day!
Ravens Football Wedding-102.jpg

Next we headed to the Baltimore Inner Harbor for dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and some photos around beautiful Pier 5!

Ravens Football Wedding-235.jpgRavens Football Wedding-197.jpgRavens Football Wedding-187.jpgRavens Football Wedding-186.jpgRavens Football Wedding-181.jpgRavens Football Wedding-204.jpgRavens Football Wedding-213.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-137.jpg

Ravens Football Wedding-152.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-141.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-151.jpg

Ravens Football Wedding-167.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-138.jpg
Ravens Football Wedding-154.jpg


Ravens Football Wedding-172.jpg

A HUGE thank you to the outstanding vendors that came together on Jillian and Eric’s wedding! It was such a joy for Justin and I to work with our own wedding officiant, Natalie Tyler! The entire Raven’s staff was outstanding (kudos to Sarah for staying so organized and always being ready with water for all of us!), my second shooter, Sarah, was fantastic, and as always, I loved working with my husband, Justin, with Last Avalon Films. He can’t wait to share Jillian and Eric’s beautiful wedding video! Congratulations, Jillian and Eric!

CEREMONY VENUE | Baltimore Raven’s M&T Bank Stadium

RECEPTION VENUE | Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

PHOTOGRAPHER | Brooke Tyson Photography

VIDEOGRAPHER | Last Avalon Films

COORDINATOR | Sarah with Raven’s Stadium

WEDDING DRESS | Alfred Angelo

WEDDING CAKE | Charm City Cakes

FLORIST | Flower Cart Florist

GROOM’S TUX | Dubois Formalwear

OFFICIANT | Natalie Tyler

HAIR AND MAKEUP | Baltimore Bridal Hair and Makeup

CATERING | Raven’s Stadium Catering and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse


Christa Rae : 12:31 October 4, 2016 Reply
All of the portraits of them on the field are amazing!! Looks like it was such a fun Baltimore wedding!
Brea : 13:08 October 4, 2016 Reply
These are so great! I especially love the ones in the locker room. Love it!
Lauren C : 14:27 October 4, 2016 Reply
What a fun wedding!! I've shot a wedding at the stadium before so I know first hand how hard it is shooting in that bright sun but you did an amazing job! There's so many great portraits!
Emily : 14:52 October 4, 2016 Reply
What a neat experience to get to shoot at the stadium! Love all the purple touches.
Jen : 19:16 October 4, 2016 Reply
Girl! you rocked this wedding. I love how perfectly intimate it was.