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November 6, 2016

Kacie + Josh, a Romantic Wedding at Newton White Mansion


Kacie and Josh celebrated their marriage in September at the beautiful Newton White Mansion.  I have loved getting to know these two over the last year; we explored Ellicott City and Pataspco State Park for their engagement session (with their sweet pug, Ava), and I have been counting down the days until their wedding.

And Kacie and Josh’s wedding day so stunning!  It was such a effortlessly elegant day in so many ways – just wait until you see their unique details and stunning wedding portraits!  (And Kacie’s bridal details are just unbelievable – there are way too many favorites!  Wait until you see her shoes and dress too!).  Kacie and her bridesmaids spent the morning getting ready in the lovely bridal sweet at Newton White Mansion, while Josh and his groomsmen prepared in the groom’s suite downstairs.  It was clear from the start just how special their bridesmaids and groomsmen are to them.  Kacie and Josh have a very, very close and tight-knit group of friends, and these two are so very loved!  I have never seen a couple include their wedding party in so many ways, and these two made sure their wedding was so unique to who they are.  Kacie and Josh’s wedding ceremony was officiated by their maid of honor and best man, who took turns speaking; other members of Kacie and Josh’s wedding party (and other friends and family!) all spoke or were honored during the ceremony – including a special moment these two took to thank their parents.  (This was such an emotional ceremony!).  During the reception, two of Kacie’s bridesmaids sang a duet for the bride and groom to dance their first dance as husband and wife to, and then Kacie’s maid of honor and Josh’s best man gave funny and touching speeches.  It is clear that these two are so loved by their friends.

But Kacie and Josh are not just close with their friends; these two are so close with their family!  Kelsey and I are very close with our family (that is why I absolutely love having my sister as my second shooter!), so we were both so impressed by the connection that Kacie and Josh have with their parents.  It really is special.  As mentioned earlier, Kacie and Josh honored their parents during their ceremony (I just loved how surprised and touched both sets of parents were!), but they also surprised Kacie’s parents with a special wedding dance of their own during the ceremony in honor of their own marriage.  During his speech to Kacie and Josh, Kacie’s father was filled with emotion (ok – and so was I!  I don’t think their was a dry eye in the room!), and these two celebrated with their parents and Josh’s sister all evening.

And the celebration was SO much fun!!  Guests danced all night to live music by the wonderful Bachelor Boys Band (who are always such a huge hit!), enjoyed the fun photo booth, and snacked on late-night treats like mini grilled cheese sandwiches!  Plus, guests had tons of fantastic desserts to choose from; Kacie and Josh had many flavors of wedding cake, macaroons, cupcakes, and cookies for guests to enjoy – there was something for everything (and it was all so pretty too!).  And even though there was a large variety of (delicious!) foods, Kacie made sure that no food went to waste – which Kelsey and I just loved!  We are both huge environmentalists (Kelsey even has a recycling bin in her car! haha), so it was really cool to see a couple making sure that their wedding day left a smaller ecological footprint.  But not only were they environmentally friendly, but they made sure that their wedding was SO incredibly unique and beautiful!  There were so, so many special little touches!

I have absolutely loved getting to know Kacie and Josh over this past year, and Kelsey and I were so honored to capture these special moments throughout their wedding day.  These two truly are some of the sweetest people (with the nicest families!), and their wedding day was absolutely perfect.  Kacie and Josh, enjoy some favorites from your wedding day!!  We are so happy for you two!

Newton White Mansion Wedding-10.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-102.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-120.jpg

These shoes!!!  They are just perfection!Newton White Mansion Wedding-53.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-69.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-21.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-72.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-74.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-77.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-82.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-67.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-87.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-6.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-90.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-85.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-93.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-96.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-109.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-112.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-105.jpg

Newton White Mansion Wedding-135.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-133.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-152.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-17.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-165.jpg

Kacie, you are just stunning!!  And your dress!  WOW!!
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1012.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-1003.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-113.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-174.jpg

First look!

Newton White Mansion Wedding-176.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-40000.jpgYou two are so cute!!
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1185.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-1150.jpg

I love this one!!

Newton White Mansion Wedding-1189.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-1166.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1010.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-40003.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1172.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1163.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1196.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1169.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1158.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1153.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-904.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-1014.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-651.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-903.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-614.jpg

So pretty!!
Newton White Mansion Wedding-606.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-604.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-650.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-612.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-10085.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-10065.jpg

What an incredible wedding party!  This is such a kind and loving group of friends :)
Newton White Mansion Wedding-10055.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-607.jpg

eeeNewton White Mansion Wedding-10046.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-10016.jpg
I ADORE this picture of Kacie and Josh with their wedding party!!  They are just perfection!
Newton White Mansion Wedding-10028.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-1001.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-10030.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-10045.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-1400.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-1357.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-50675075.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-5067.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-5011.jpg

Kacie and Josh had a special tribute for their parents during their ceremony; it was so sweet!
Newton White Mansion Wedding-5019.jpg

I just love the way Josh is looking at Kacie here with so much love – it is clear how much he loves his wife :)
Newton White Mansion Wedding-5020.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-5025.jpg

One of Josh’s groomsmen passed Kacie and Josh’s wedding bands around so every single guest could touch and bless their bands before they exchanged them.  I love this idea!
Newton White Mansion Wedding-5045.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-5056.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-10000.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-1550.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-5000.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-5005.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-5002.jpg

Newton White Mansion Wedding-1606.jpg

It was nearly dark after their ceremony, but I am so glad we had time for these beautiful pictures!
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1575.jpgJust wait until you see this stunning reception!!  Kacie and Josh served each guest a starting course of “his and her” treats – beer and candied bacon from Josh and wine and brie with raspberry jam from Kacie.
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1751.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1423.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1420.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1684.jpg

Cutest cake display!

Newton White Mansion Wedding-1506.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1681.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-40019.jpgTwo of Kacie’s bridesmaids sung their first dance song as a duet – and they are so talented!
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1811.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1824.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1845.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-1855.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-2000.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-2001.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-2044.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-2013.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-2143.jpg

These two surprised Kacie’s parents with a special wedding dance just for them :)

Newton White Mansion Wedding-2110.jpg

We snuck out for some quick night shots – and Newton White Mansion was a gorgeous nighttime backdrop!

Newton White Mansion Wedding-3011.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-3000.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-3090.jpgNewton White Mansion Wedding-2166.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-2175.jpg
Newton White Mansion Wedding-3010.jpg

Congratulations, Kacie and Josh!!

Hope Davis : 15:18 June 21, 2017 Reply
Absolutely gorgeous. The colors the details everything. You captured this day beautifully. ❤️
Samantha : 03:53 July 21, 2017 Reply
These pictures are gorgeous! You captured the light perfectly! I hate to bother, but I am madly in love with the bride's dress and I cannot find it anywhere. Do you happen to know the designer?