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August 14, 2021

Noha and Randall, a Herrington on the Bay Wedding

Brooke Tyson Photography

I am so happy to share Noha and Randall’s beautiful wedding! Noha and Randall got married on Saturday, August 7 at beautiful Herrington on the Bay in North Beach, Maryland.

It has been so wonderful getting to know Noha and Randal and their families and friends. Noha and Randall first met in high school, and now these two are married! A few months ago, Noha, Randall, and I met up in downtown Annapolis, where Noha used to live, for their STUNNING engagement session. If you haven’t seen their engagement photos, you should definitely check them out.

Noha and her bridal party started the day getting ready at a home near Herrington on the Bay. Noha gifted everyone beautiful robes that matched their bridesmaid gowns so perfectly and everyone had such a good time celebrating and getting ready together. It was such an excited and happy atmosphere and there was so much good energy. Even though it was raining outside, it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirit. And this awesome bridal party was even willing to step outside for some quick outdoor photos in the rain – and we were SO lucky that their getting ready space had a small covered porch. Randall and his groomsmen were also SO flexible and easy-going about stepping outside in the rain. Kelsey and I brought a bunch of clear umbrellas, but we hardly even needed them. This group was just so easy-going about being in the rain. Noha and Randall had such a great wedding party and it was so clear how much they love and care for Noha and Randall.

After getting ready photos and some pictures of the bridal party and groomsmen, everyone headed down the road to Herrington on the Bay for Noha and Randall’s wedding ceremony. And it was so sweet! Noha’s brother officiated their ceremony, which was so special and personal. And after the ceremony, Noha and Randall got to do their portraits together!
The forecast leading up to their wedding did not look great, but we were hopeful on their wedding day. As Noha and Randall got ready, the rain got heavier instead of letting up, so they made the decision to move their wedding indoors. But, amazingly, almost as soon as the ceremony ended, so did the rain! It was SO wonderful because these two were able to get outdoor and beautiful beach photos! The skies even began to clear a bit during their photos (and we got gorgeous dramatic clouds). It was also wonderful because an overcast day is the absolute best for a beach wedding, so they were able to use photo spots that wouldn’t have worked well on a sunnier day. It was so wonderful and we were so lucky that we were able to do such beautiful outdoor photos. And they are STUNNING!! Just wait until you see Noha and Randall’s gorgeous wedding!! These two are such a beautiful couple and their joy and love for each other was so apparent in every moment of the day.

After photos, Noha and Randall’s reception began with their grand entrance and a beautiful first dance surrounded by smoke. It was like they were dancing in the clouds; it was SO pretty and magical. Noha’s dad gave a kind – and very funny – speech and, later, Randall’s older brother, Carson, gave such a touching speech, followed by a sweet speech by Noha’s bridesman, Andrei. And then the party kicked off! Shiny Entertainment did such a great job with the music and the dance floor was packed all night. It was so much fun!! And Herrington on the Bay is so beautiful day and night; it is amazing looking out at the boats on the water at night. At the end of the night, Noha and Randall’s guests gathered outside with sparklers for a beautiful send off for the couple. It was SO pretty and such a great end to a wonderful night!
Noha and Randall, you two are such a sweet couple and we are so, so happy for you two!! Congratulations on your marriage and enjoy your AMAZING honeymoon in Egypt! Enjoy some favorites from your beautiful wedding day!!
Herrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-60.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-909.jpg
Herrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-915.jpg
Herrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-105.jpgHerrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-110.jpgHerrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-113.jpgHerrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-114.jpgYay!! Noha and Randall are MARRIED!!Herrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-22.jpgEDIT-22.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-109.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-102.jpgSO gorgeous!!
Herrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-26.jpgI love these with the flowering trees and Noha’s amazing veil so much!
Herrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-1.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-106.jpgSo stunning!! These beachside photos of Noha and Randall are some of my absolute favorites!!
Herrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-19.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-45.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-122.jpgYou two are such a beautiful couple!!
Herrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-999.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-108.jpgSo beautiful!
Herrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-30.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-12.jpg
Herrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-100.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-120.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-103.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-38.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-10.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-39.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-41.jpgSo pretty!Herrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-16.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-124.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-27.jpgI love this one!
Herrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-33.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-129.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-14.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-125.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-47.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-8.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-24.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-112.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-101.jpgI love this one so much, too!Herrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-36.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-40.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-43.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-44.jpgHerrington on the Bay.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-11.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-104.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-117.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-13.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-17.jpgAll of these are so beautiful! Noha and Randall, you two are such a gorgeous couple!
Herrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-4.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-111.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-21.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Photographer-34.jpgReception time!
Herrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-531.jpgHerrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-534.jpgHerrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-535.jpgHerrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-522.jpgHerrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-523.jpgHerrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-527.jpgHerrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-526.jpgHerrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-510.jpgHerrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-541.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Reception-62.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Reception-23.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Reception-25.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Reception-40.jpgHerrington on the Bay Wedding Reception-1.jpgHerrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-656.jpgHerrington_On_The_Bay_Wedding_Photographer-655.jpgCongratulations, Noha and Randall!!