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July 28, 2014

Our wedding video!


Justin and I just got back from 11 beautiful days in Maui (and one exhausted day in Arizona on layover! haha!) and I am SO excited to share photos of the amazing couples and people I have been photographing lately… but first, I wanted to share our wedding video!!

I was so fortunate to meet Eric Stishan and his wife, Sarah.  They are the husband and wife team behind “The Image Of,” a Maryland (but soon to be North Carolina) based videography group.  Sarah gave birth two days after our wedding (I can’t imagine how overwhelmed they both must have been on our wedding day!) so he brought fellow videographer Josiah Renken as his second videographer.  These two were so awesome.  When I was watching the wedding video, I kept thinking “they were there??”  They were so unobtrusive and out of the way, yet they captured everything so beautifully (including things I never even saw!).

Eric and Sarah edited this in less than a month – with a newborn too!  Even though Sarah couldn’t be there for our wedding day, I know she played a huge part in making this all come together.  :)

I rewatched this every single day of our honeymoon.  I hope you enjoy our wedding video as much as I do :)

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To watch, either click the photo above the the link below:

Thank you so much Eric, Sarah, Josiah, and of course, baby Nora!!! :)