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August 5, 2016

Randi + Max, a Clarksville, MD Wedding

Brooke Tyson Photography

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Congratulations, Randi and Max!! Randi and Max met in Los Vegas at a conference a few years ago. Even though Max is a huge Eagles fan and Randi is a die-hard Giants fan, these two hit it off and have been together ever since! Now Randi and Max live in Philadelphia, and this past weekend, these two celebrated their big day in Maryland at the Ten Oaks Ballroom right in Clarksville, MD.

I met Randi and Max last fall; we got together for breakfast at my house one morning when they were in town. Since then, it has been so fun hearing about the details of their day as they planned their wedding! I have to admit – I was SUPER excited about Randi and Max’s wedding and reception venues! Randi and Max’s wedding was so close to my house that I could have actually walked there! It was so cool photographing a wedding so close to home J We started the day with getting ready pictures – I was with Randi and her bridesmaids, her mother, and her sweet dog, Fiver, at Randi’s parents’ beautiful house, and Kelsey was with Max and his groomsmen and the dads at the Hampton Inn in Columbia. Next we all met at the beautiful Robinson Nature Center for Randi’s first look with her father and Max, and then lots of gorgeous portraits! The Robinson Nature Center is just incredible in July; I couldn’t believe how many beautiful flowers were blooming (and there were butterflies everywhere! It was magical!). I am SO thankful that Randi and Max chose to do a first look, because as soon as we got to Temple Isaiah for the ceremony, the skies opened up and it absolutely poured. Kelsey rushed out to the car to put our lighting gear back and she came back literally soaked (she had brought a change of clothes just in case – so smart!). Randi and Max’s rabbi was a longtime family friend of the Levitt’s, and it was clear that he was as happy for this sweet couple as their families were. After the ceremony, everyone headed to the Ten Oaks Ballroom – and Randi, Max, and I made a quick stop at the Clarksville Fire Station for some really cool portraits! (Everyone there was so nice!). It rained most of the evening, but right around 9:00, the rain subsided and we were so lucky to be able to head outside for a few night portraits in the pretty courtyard right outside of the Ten Oaks Ballroom.

Randi and Max’s reception continued long into the night, with incredible live music by the Bachelor Boys Band, a fun photo booth, delicious late night treats, and lots and lots of dancing! It was so special to see Randi and Max’s parents celebrating tonight together. A really cool fact about their parents: the Millers and the Levitts got married on the exact same date, just one year apart! Randi and Max have some of the kindest family and friends; everyone was so incredibly happy for them, and everyone was so, so nice! Randi’s brothers were so kind, and Randi’s sweet mom even sent Kelsey and I home with a yummy late night treat. All of the guests were so friendly and nice. It was just such a happy group – and everyone had SO much fun! The dance floor was packed and everyone was smiling all night J On their way out of town for their mini-honeymoon, Randi and Max stopped by my house with surprise ice pops from Pop Couture! These two are so thoughtful, and such a great pair. I am so, so happy for you two!! Congratulations, Randi and Max!!
Clarksville, MD Wedding Photographer

Clarksville, MD Wedding PhotographerClarksville, MD Wedding Photographer
Love her bridesmaids reaction!!  This was such a sweet group!
RandiMax-105e.jpgFiver!  I just love when couples include their pets in their wedding day :)
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Clarksville MD Wedding-50.jpgClarksville MD Wedding-53.jpgClarksville MD Wedding-15.jpgCustom “I Do” Brew beer!  So cool!!Clarksville MD Wedding-35.jpgClarksville MD Wedding-37.jpgFirst look time!RandiMax-145.jpg
RandiMax-160.jpgMax complimented Randi’s dress and said he loved the “lace, satin, and bling” and then told us he had been studying up by watching “Say Yes to the Dress”!  :)  He knows his stuff!
RandiMax-205.jpgClarksville MD Wedding-102.jpg
RandiMax-231.jpgClarksville MD Wedding-89.jpgOBSESSED!! How beautiful are these two?!
RandiMax-255.jpgSO many gorgeous portraits!!  These two were such naturals – and they were both just SO happy!!
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RandiMax-260.jpgIt’s like a secret garden!  I just love all of these portraits of Randi and Max!Clarksville MD Wedding-86.jpg
Clarksville MD Wedding-81.jpg
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Clarksville MD Wedding-137.jpg
Clarksville MD Wedding-177.jpg
This was a fun group of groomsmen – they loved goofing around :)
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Randi, you are such a beautiful bride!
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Next we headed to Temple Isaiah, where these two signed the gorgeous Ketubah that Randi’s mom, Amy, custom made just for them.  It is so beautiful!
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Clarksville MD Wedding-255.jpgClarksville, MD Wedding Photographer
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Congratulations, Randi and Max!!

Credits coming soon! :)