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April 18, 2014

Wedding Crafts – Decor


I have been on a wedding craft kick! I love DIY, and I am doing so many DIY things for my upcomong wedding that I wanted to share a few of the easy ones. These were all so simple, and they are nice little elements that can help add a little something extra to your wedding. Enjoy!

This one couldn’t be easier! I bought these cute lanterns at Target, and then my future mother-in-law picked up a flower “bunch” at Michael’s half off. With each flower snipped off, they can be easily arranged inside (and spilling out of) the lantern for an affordable and pretty effect. We have TONS of real flowers (I can’t wait to see it!) but I thought these would be nice if placed somewhere a little set back – like the back edge of the candy table, for example. That way it is less obvious that the flowers aren’t real!

Our venue is outdoors, and I really want to have lanterns hanging in the trees. I debating using the white lanterns (above) that I picked up at Target, but I also love those for on the tables! So I bought these pint-sized anniversary blue mason jars by Ball. They are a similar shade of blue to their vintage blue jars (I picked up about 18 of those for the wedding tables!!). To make these SUPER SIMPLE lanterns, I just tied twine (purchased at Home Depot for about $2.50) around the lid (with the center removed) and twisted the lid on. These will be beautiful as the sun sets!


Ok – this one really could not be more simple – my future mother-in-law got these bunches of peonies at Michael’s (also half off) and I just stuck them inside some of the pint-sized mason jars. I made five of these, and I figure like the lanterns with fake flowers that they will add a nice touch set somewhere a little further back (I am picturing them near our drink dispensers and at our lounge area).

Finally are the napkins. This one isn’t quite as simple and easy as the others, but I love them! I bought napkins online (which were about $2.25 each) and I have been stitching a pink border along one side. I’ll be posting soon about our plates (we bought our dinner plates for the wedding!), but I wanted to find a shade of pink that matched them. I like the looks of the pink on the napkin to the right a little more, but the one on the left matches the plates so well. So far, I have stitched 24 of the napkins. It took about three hours to do 24, so I have about nine hours of napkin sewing ahead of me, but it is nice to work on them with a tv show on at night. Even though it is time consuming, it is SO easy, and I really think these add a special touch.

I’ll be posting more of my crafts soon – I have way too many! I hope this helps inspire some EASY crafting ideas!

tPoz : 03:38 May 2, 2014 Reply
omg - you ARE in wedding crafting mode!! Love those blue mason jars & I am laughing, but simultaneously loving that you are stitching each of your napkins!!